The  Microsoft Developer Network is a resource for web, software, and app developers to find tools, resources, and tips to help with their development projects. With illustration being core to the Microsoft brand experience, illustrated assets were consistently required to promote the content. 


At the time of the project, the Microsoft Developer Network included 9 unique content features, each pointing to a unique tool, resource, or video. With experience in creative direction, design, illustration, and copywriting, Kinetic Pencil became a competitive choice to undertake this account. Kinetic Pencil worked with the brand guidelines and a few baseline vector illustrations to build out creative, bold illustrated solutions to fit the content.


With illustration being one of Kinetic Pencil’s core competencies, we created striking visuals that perfectly fit any use case. The client came to love some of the illustrated solutions, and used them again and again–with one graphic selected to be a featured image once the site was redesigned to only hold 3 images.

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