Microsoft Build is the leading developer conference for software developers, held annually by Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. As a member of the Brand Content Studio within Microsoft, Hillary Bassett Ross was selected to produce the copy—the first time the copy had been completed in-house. With roughly 15,000 attendees, Build is the biggest conference produced by Microsoft, making this project a marquee, high-profile assignment.


The event team worked hard to create a meaningful experience that stirred the senses of the developers, and wanted the website to convey this unique touch. Steering away from the typical tone used across Microsoft assets, the client wanted a fresh, edgy, highly creative tone that communicated excitement, style, and the unmistakable Seattle vibe.


With the common character count limitations of web content, the aim is to be as direct and brief as possible. Working to uncover aspects of the developer flavor and personality, every phrase, sentence, and section was crafted to convey the information through a fresh tone. The finished result was conversational, human, and nailed the attitude, creating the perfect complement to the experience created by the event team. This project received an overwhelming, enthusiastic response—the client was thrilled with the result.

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