The Orion Platform is a tool that supports master planners in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry who manage large-scale, campus-wide projects. The needs of master planners on campus-wide initiatives didn’t fit the customer avatar’s traditional workflow and typical tools such as the Microsoft Office Suite. The team at Gatherware produced the Orion Platform, and has been using it with a select few clients. With lots of positive feedback, they planned to bring the product to a wider audience, but wanted to update the look and feel and make sure the user experience was the best it could be.


Kinetic Pencil began with a full UX review, building out the tool user flow and identifying any areas that had opportunities for improvement. From there, we redesigned the interface. While we recommended user testing, it wasn’t in the budget for this phase. The existing app was well-planned, but needed just a little more design polish to get it ready for a wider adoption.


The app experience is divided into the different functions and pivots a user can explore based upon the project or group of projects they want to see. Each element was given its own unique icon, and information pivots are displayed using drop-down selections. Key UX updates included creating connections between each section to eliminate any dead-ends, building a more intuitive data-entry experience, and creating a customizable dashboard for the home page.

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