identity design / app design / content
ShareIt is a web application showcasing lessons learned from a global corporate sales effort. The client provides a range of solutions for its customers, and this internal company tool allows peers to submit best practices, ideas, and other innovations in effort to inspire peer learning.
Kinetic Pencil was brought on to redesign the user interface / user experience of the application to create a more cohesive experience between the user needs and the information hierarchy. Additionally, due to our experience with messaging and content, we provided UI text and messaging.
Fitting with the brand guidelines and color scheme defined the organization, the goal was to create an intuitive solution to help streamline the process between how the individual could find, use, and share information.
As a result of a successful design process, Kinetic Pencil’s scope was broadened to provide post-build testing and quality assurance, as well as develop marketing collateral / web application onboarding materials.
The ShareIt web application is an information portal; users find resources via search functionality and filtering. Each individual record included a deep level detail, so the design goal was to reduce eye strain while helping users dig through the heavy amount of text. As a result, we developed a solution that created create visual cues—via iconography and color—to disseminate the main information pivots, and designed a clean, harmonized interface for users to quickly scan information.
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