Life Unlocked

identity design
Life, Unlocked is an immersive digital experience offering online courses, podcasts, videos, and article/essay to help individuals of all experience levels connect with their creative potential. Given that the majority of the work will be digital / online, we needed to develop a brand and design language that will be recognizable and will stand out from the typical web graphic.
The solution needs to capture the essence of the work: helping individuals connect with their creative potential. The process surfaces the two worlds experienced in the creative process, pulling something abstract and organic from the imagination and realizing it for others to see and experience.
We developed a design language that draws upon the abstract, ethereal nature of creativity, but also pulls the viewer into a real-world, human context with actual photography. The overall design language represents this bridge, using bold, expressive form from the hand-drawn ink, bold, bright abstract painting, blended with the tangibility of the real-world through photography.
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