Safeco is developing a series of email campaigns to connect their diverse, nation-wide audience with a variety of helpful training offerings. The current system features a disparate approach, with email campaigns managed manually, resulting in a high cost of ownership.


In order to provide a high-results program with low cost of ownership, a series of email campaigns were created to leverage the automation capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. From conversion messages to transactional alerts, Kinetic Pencil provided the creative direction and development of each email program.

Leveraging user-based, on-site behavior, the new email campaigns feature automatic deployment of program conversion funnels.


This is a marquee engagement, capitalizing on the unique mix of Kinetic Pencil competencies: providing strategy, content, design, and development across five program campaigns and a total of 24 emails. The client chose Kinetic Pencil because of this unusual mix of skill-sets, resulting in faster execution, tighter integration of content, and a more unified voice across the brand experience. These programs will be built into Salesforce Marketing Cloud for automatic deployment, creating a series of high-value programming that runs on its own and requires only initial setup investment.

  • Client

    Safeco Insurance

  • Skills

    • Email marketing
    • Content
    • Design
    • Content strategy
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