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The MSDN homepage is a resource for web, software, and app developers to find tools, resources, and tips to help with their development projects. Microsoft offers a variety of content to provide developers with everything they need to make their projects a success.


The MSDN homepage includes 9 unique content features, each pointing to a unique tool, resource, or video. With experience in creative direction, design, and copywriting, Kinetic Pencil became a competitive choice to undertake this account.Microsoft hired Kinetic Pencil to provide ongoing design and content support for weekly refreshes.


Hillary Bassett Ross’s depth of experience in the Microsoft brand allows Kinetic Pencil to provide compelling creative solutions with agility and efficiency. Illustration is one of Hillary’s  core competencies, and this account has provided a wealth of opportunities to generate a suite of illustrations for use on the site’s weekly graphic refreshes.

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    • Design
    • Illustration
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