MedTeams was a startup that was getting ready to take their product live. A logo and product existed, but the remaining brand elements were still outstanding. A website was needed–but the brand hadn’t been defined yet.


Messaging, brand story, content strategy, design, and copywriting were all part of this project.  We began with a live workshop to understand the customer avatar, the need the product fills, its features, and intended use. The first phase was the development of the brand story, how the product can be described, and the style and tone to be used throughout the written materials. Brand messaging guidelines were developed, from which the website narrative was built.

A single-page, multi-paneled landing page shares the story of MedTeams and provides multiple options for opt-in.


Standing out against competitors’ sites, we developed a distinct visual aesthetic geared toward the target audience. Written to tell the story at a glance, headlines were crafted to cover the main points a reader should take away. Beginning with basic information and going into more detail the farther the scroll, page content is designed to “cascade” in level of detail. Multiple opportunities to opt in all feature the same design treatment.

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