Maajoin was a conversation-partner matching mobile app helping language learners find opportunities to grow their in-person conversation skills. It focused on helping users find conversation partners and build community through live events. 


The user research phase surfaced the desire to use this app to expand one’s social circle. Also, we came to find that the user base was likely to be predominately female. I focused heavily on creating a friendly, conversational tone, and making sure that we avoided any terms that felt too close to dating. 


My participation included creative direction and content design, UX/UI design, identity development, content, and overall product strategy. The result was a mobile app that helps drive connections, find matches, and engage users in their progress. Unfortunately, this product was never published; the team disbanded as it went into the development phase.

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    • App design
    • Content design
    • UI/UX
    • Identity design
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