Cisco’s customers were having a hard time understanding how hybrid work solutions came together in an office setting. As a result, Cisco developed an interactive tool to help their customers engage with the various products that came 

Kinetic Pencil provided content and copywriting for this interactive tool. Design was completed in-house.


Working with the template provided for content and a list of products, our job was to flesh out all content across 3 interactive rooms and a total of 15 individual products. Working from product web pages and datasheets, all content was drafted for a mobile-first, just-enough-information-to-pique-your-interest format.

The content was designed in a cascading approach, addressing a high-level overview, followed by benefit-driven feature statements, followed by a consolidated list of product specifications, and ended with a link to the full data sheet and a call to action to contact the sales team for more. This allowed the user to take in the information at a quick glance, and continue if they chose.


With a clean aesthetic and simplified content, this interactive experience is celebrated by curious users and has been slated for multiple versions across Cisco’s core campaigns. Users note how intuitive to use, and how easy it is to learn “just enough” about each product in the context of real-world use cases.

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