Hi there, I’m Hillary.

Writer | Designer | UX Professional | Storyteller

14 Years Writing Content

12 Years in UX

UX Case Study: ShareIT

Dive into my full content design + UX design process

UX Case Study: Maajoin

Dive into my full content design + UX design process

Content Strategy Case Study: Microsoft Sustainability

Learn what was involved in leading the content strategy for Microsoft Sustainability.

“Hillary is a creative spirit that brings a fresh perspective to everything she does. She’s relentless in her approach to finding the best way to tell the most compelling customer story. She’s thoughtful and deliberate in her work, which shines through. One stakeholder shared ‘this is the best copy we’ve ever produced.'”

Tracey Craft

GDC Demand and Brand, Advocacy, Digital, and Experiences Team

Group Manager, Brand Content Studio


Writing Samples

My content writing experience includes everything from web copy to call-to-actions, and from microcopy to long-form articles. Find a sampling of my work below.

For 3 years my agency, Kinetic Pencil, was selected to provide content and design for the Microsoft Developer Network. I wrote all the headlines and CTAs, and provided all design and illustration. Over 2000 graphics and corresponding text was produced across this engagement.

As part of an in-house team of 25 writers at Microsoft, the team lead was approached by the events team to produce the copy for the 2018 Microsoft Build conference. This was the first time the copy was produced in-house, so the team lead needed to select a writer that could produce agency-level work.

I was the writer selected, and the overall response to the work was incredibly positive—and the work has been completed in-house ever since.

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As a member of team during the launch of Office 365 I created a series of feature messages to help users learn about the different capabilities within Office 365. These messages were embedded throughout the apps, periodically popping up in the interface sidebar as a user was working. Below are a few samples:

More than before

Office 365 now lets your access, edit, create, distribute, and share from anywhere

Try it now >

Is the log in simple?

With single-sign-on, users avoid the hassle of multiple logins but maintain security.

Learn more >

Easier than ever

No need to take notes at the meeting–Lync records both audio and video.

Set it up >

“Hillary was my preferred writer; she was able to take complex topics and write them in a clear and concise way that was also friendly and approachable.”

Nicole Papineau Richard

Office 365 Launch Client/Stakeholder


The links below point you to examples of long-form articles and content that I have written in past roles.

What is Lead Generation

An SEO-focused article pointing readers to Dynamics 365.

Read article >

IOT Technologies and Protocols

An SEO-focused article pointing readers to Microsoft Azure.

Read article >

What is Customer Journey Mapping

An SEO-focused article pointing readers to Dynamics 365.

Read article >

Help Desk Software

An SEO-focused article pointing readers to Dynamics 365.

Read article >

6 questions to ask when getting started with quantum development

An article written for the Microsoft Quantum blog.

Read article >

Developing a topological qubit

An article written for the Microsoft Quantum blog.

Read article >

Atom by atom: fabricating materials for a quantum computer

An article written for the Microsoft Quantum blog.

Read article >

The quantum computing effect on public-key encryption.

An article written for the Microsoft Quantum blog.

Read article >

Below are a few examples of page titles and meta descriptions written while writing SEO content pages for Microsoft. Find links to live examples below in the long-form examples tab.

Page title:

What is Lead Generation | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Meta description:

Lead generation is a process of attracting potential customers to your business. Learn how to build interest, engage prospects, and fill your sales pipeline.

Page title:

Customer Relationship Management | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Meta description:

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help create efficiency in sales and marketing. Learn the features, benefits, and use cases of CRM solutions.

Page title:

Customer Journey Mapping | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Meta description:

Find out what customer journey mapping is, learn the benefits, and get step-by-step guidance on how to create a customer journey map.

Page title:

Help Desk Software | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Meta description: 

Help desk software is an efficient, cost-effective way to support your customers. Learn more about what help desk software can do for your business.